Founded almost 30 years ago and entered every year since in Somervale Ladies League.  We are a friendly team consisting of young and old, experienced and non-experienced players.  We pride and congratulate ourselves as a team for winning division 3, summer of 2017.  This means that for Summer 2018 we will move up to division 2!

Practice for the 2018 season will commence in April, at our home pitch, Weston Town Sports Ground.  Matches will start the first Wednesday in May at 7.00 pm.  Away matches are usually no further than Street and we share transport.

We welcome all players of any age or ability, although a minimum age of 14 is required for insurance purposes.

For further information please contact

Tracy Watts, 01749 830711, 07969 871795

Or Kama Hunns, 07597 700181


1. Hayley Kessell (C) 2022
2. Sophie Smallwood
3. Rachel Smallwood
4. Tracey Watts
5. Stephanie Chant
6. Bonnie Hayes
7. Donna Charles
8. Holly Herlock
9. Vik Taylor
10. Olivia Collins
11. Michelle Jefferies
12. Jasmine Holdway
13. Zoe Roper
14. Sine Angell
15. Lauren Saunders
16  Abbie Singer
17. Tanmara Spring
18. Amy Willis
19. Lisa Jarmon
20. Charley Jones
21. Victoria Lucy